April 16 All Events

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April 16th, 2069 (April 16 2069)DeathOtho, Roman Emperor (born in 32)
April 16th, 2008 (April 16 2008)EventStart of Papal Journey of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States
April 16th, 2008 (April 16 2008)BirthPrincess Eleonore of Belgium, Belgian princess
April 16th, 2008 (April 16 2008)DeathEdward Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist (born in 1917)
April 16th, 2008 (April 16 2008)DeathJoseph Solman, American painter
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)EventVirginia Tech massacre: The deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. The gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, shoots 32 people to death and injures 23 others before committing suicide.
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathGaetan Duchesne, Canadian hockey player (born in 1962)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathMaria Lenk, Brazilian swimmer and first Brazilian woman to compete in the Olympic Games (born in 1915)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathSeung-Hui Cho, Korean American murderer (born in 1984), see List of victims of the Virginia Tech massacre
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathJocelyne Couture-Nowak, American instructor of French (born in 1958)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathKevin Granata, American professor of Engineering (born in 1961)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathLiviu Librescu, American Jewish-Romanian professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics (born in 1930)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathG. V. Loganathan, Indian American professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (born in 1954)
April 16th, 2007 (April 16 2007)DeathFrank Bateson, New Zealand astronomer (born in 1909)
April 16th, 2006 (April 16 2006)DeathFrancisco Adam, Portuguese actor and model (born in 1983)
April 16th, 2005 (April 16 2005)DeathKay Walsh, British actress (born in 1911)
April 16th, 2005 (April 16 2005)DeathKim Mu-saeng, South Korean actor (born in 1943)
April 16th, 2005 (April 16 2005)DeathMarla Ruzicka, American humanitarian worker and peace activist (born in 1976)
April 16th, 2004 (April 16 2004)EventThe super liner Queen Mary 2 embarks on her first Trans-Atlantic crossing, linking the golden age of ocean travel to the modern age of ocean travel.
April 16th, 2003 (April 16 2003)EventThe Treaty of Accession is signed in Athens admitting 10 new member states to the European Union.
April 16th, 2003 (April 16 2003)DeathGraham Jarvis, Canadian actor (born in 1930)
April 16th, 2003 (April 16 2003)DeathGraham Stuart Thomas, English author and garden designer (born in 1909)
April 16th, 2002 (April 16 2002)DeathRuth Fertel, American restaurateur (born in 1927)
April 16th, 2002 (April 16 2002)DeathRobert Urich, American actor (born in 1946)
April 16th, 2001 (April 16 2001)DeathAlec Stock, English football manager (born in 1917)
April 16th, 1999 (April 16 1999)DeathSkip Spence, Canadian-born guitarist, singer and songwriter (Jefferson Airplane) (born in 1946)
April 16th, 1998 (April 16 1998)DeathFred Davis, English snooker player (born in 1913)
April 16th, 1998 (April 16 1998)DeathAlberto Calderon, Argentine mathematician (born in 1920)
April 16th, 1997 (April 16 1997)DeathDoris Angleton, American socialite (born in 1951)
April 16th, 1997 (April 16 1997)DeathRoland Topor, French illustrator (born in 1938)
April 16th, 1996 (April 16 1996)DeathStavros Niarchos, Greek shipping tycoon (born in 1909)
April 16th, 1995 (April 16 1995)DeathArthur English, English actor and comedian (born in 1919)
April 16th, 1995 (April 16 1995)DeathIqbal Masih, Pakistani child slave labourer, activist (born in 1982)
April 16th, 1994 (April 16 1994)BirthLiliana Mumy, American actress
April 16th, 1994 (April 16 1994)DeathRalph Ellison, American writer (born in 1913)Ralph Ellison Quotes
April 16th, 1993 (April 16 1993)BirthMirai Nagasu, American Figure Skater
April 16th, 1992 (April 16 1992)EventThe Katina P. runs aground off of Maputo, Mozambique. 60,000 tons of crude oil spill into the ocean.
April 16th, 1992 (April 16 1992)BirthPrince Sebastien of Luxembourg, Prince of Luxembourg
April 16th, 1992 (April 16 1992)DeathNeville Brand, American actor (born in 1920)
April 16th, 1992 (April 16 1992)DeathAndy Russell, American singer (born in 1919)
April 16th, 1991 (April 16 1991)DeathDavid Lean, British film director (born in 1908)
April 16th, 1990 (April 16 1990)EventThe "Doctor of Death", Jack Kevorkian, goes through with his first assisted suicide.Jack Kevorkian Quotes
April 16th, 1990 (April 16 1990)BirthLorraine Nicholson, American actress
April 16th, 1988 (April 16 1988)EventIn Forli, Italy, Red Brigades kill Italian Senator Roberto Ruffilli, an advisor to Prime Minister Ciriaco de Mita.
April 16th, 1987 (April 16 1987)EventBritish Conservative MP Harvey Proctor appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court in London charged with gross indecency.
April 16th, 1987 (April 16 1987)BirthAaron Lennon, English footballer
April 16th, 1986 (April 16 1986)BirthPaul di Resta, British racing driver
April 16th, 1986 (April 16 1986)BirthNeil Haskell, Finalist of SYTYCD Season 3
April 16th, 1985 (April 16 1985)BirthMark Baker, Welsh author and historian
April 16th, 1985 (April 16 1985)BirthLuol Deng, British-Sudanese basketball player
April 16th, 1985 (April 16 1985)BirthBenjamin Rojas, Argentine actor and singer
April 16th, 1985 (April 16 1985)DeathScott Brady, American actor (born in 1924)
April 16th, 1984 (April 16 1984)BirthAmelia Atwater-Rhodes, American author
April 16th, 1984 (April 16 1984)BirthNoah Fleiss, American actor
April 16th, 1983 (April 16 1983)BirthCat Osterman, American softball pitcher
April 16th, 1983 (April 16 1983)BirthGeorge Patis, Greek badminton player
April 16th, 1983 (April 16 1983)BirthMarie Digby, American Singer
April 16th, 1982 (April 16 1982)BirthBoris Diaw, French basketball player
April 16th, 1982 (April 16 1982)BirthBarry Jones, Scottish magician
April 16th, 1982 (April 16 1982)BirthJonathan Vilma, American football player
April 16th, 1982 (April 16 1982)BirthGina Carano, American Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Martial Quotes
April 16th, 1980 (April 16 1980)BirthPaul London, American professional wrestler
April 16th, 1979 (April 16 1979)BirthChristijan Albers, Dutch Formula One driver
April 16th, 1979 (April 16 1979)BirthSixto Peralta, Argentine footballer
April 16th, 1978 (April 16 1978)BirthMatthew Lloyd, Australian rules footballer
April 16th, 1978 (April 16 1978)BirthLara Dutta, Indian actress
April 16th, 1978 (April 16 1978)DeathLucius Clay, American general (born in 1897)
April 16th, 1977 (April 16 1977)BirthAlek Wek, Sudanese supermodel
April 16th, 1977 (April 16 1977)BirthFredrik Ljungberg, Swedish footballer
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthLukas Haas, American actor
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthDan Kellner, American fencer
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthShu Qi, Taiwanese actress
April 16th, 1975 (April 16 1975)BirthSean Maher, American actor
April 16th, 1975 (April 16 1975)BirthNick Pickard, British actor
April 16th, 1974 (April 16 1974)BirthMat Devine, American singer (Kill Hannah)
April 16th, 1974 (April 16 1974)BirthXu Jinglei, Chinese actress, singer and director
April 16th, 1974 (April 16 1974)BirthValarie Rae Miller, American actress
April 16th, 1973 (April 16 1973)EventMasada, a Jewish fortress, falls to the Romans after several months of siege, ending the Jewish Revolt.
April 16th, 1973 (April 16 1973)BirthBonnie Pink, Japanese singer
April 16th, 1972 (April 16 1972)EventApollo program: The launch of Apollo 16 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
April 16th, 1972 (April 16 1972)EventVietnam War: Nguyen Hue Offensive - prompted by the North Vietnamese offensive, the United States resumes the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong.
April 16th, 1972 (April 16 1972)BirthConchita Martinez, Spanish tennis player
April 16th, 1972 (April 16 1972)DeathKawabata Yasunari, Japanese writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1899)Yasunari Kawabata Quotes
April 16th, 1971 (April 16 1971)BirthPeter Billingsley, American actor
April 16th, 1971 (April 16 1971)BirthSelena, American singer (died in 1995)
April 16th, 1971 (April 16 1971)BirthMoses Chan, Hong Kong actor
April 16th, 1971 (April 16 1971)BirthSeigo Yamamoto, Japanese racing driver
April 16th, 1970 (April 16 1970)DeathRichard Neutra, American architect (born in 1892)
April 16th, 1969 (April 16 1969)BirthFernando Vina, American Baseball Player
April 16th, 1968 (April 16 1968)DeathEdna Ferber, American author (born in 1885)
April 16th, 1965 (April 16 1965)BirthJon Cryer, American actor
April 16th, 1965 (April 16 1965)BirthMartin Lawrence, American actor
April 16th, 1965 (April 16 1965)BirthMichael Wong Man Tak, Hong Kong actor and director
April 16th, 1964 (April 16 1964)EventGreat Train Robbery12 men are sentenced to a total of 307 years.
April 16th, 1964 (April 16 1964)BirthDave Pirner, American rock singer (Soul Asylum)
April 16th, 1964 (April 16 1964)BirthDavid Kohan, American television producer
April 16th, 1963 (April 16 1963)EventDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pens his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail while incarcerated in Birmingham, Alabama for protesting against segregation.Martin Luther Quotes
April 16th, 1963 (April 16 1963)BirthJimmy Osmond, American pop singer (The Osmonds)
April 16th, 1963 (April 16 1963)BirthSalim Malik, Pakistani cricket player
April 16th, 1962 (April 16 1962)BirthIan MacKaye, American musician, (Fugazi and Minor Threat)
April 16th, 1961 (April 16 1961)BirthDoris Dragovic, Croatian singer
April 16th, 1960 (April 16 1960)BirthRafael Benitez, Spanish football manager
April 16th, 1960 (April 16 1960)BirthPierre Littbarski, German footballer
April 16th, 1960 (April 16 1960)BirthWahab Akbar, Filipino politician (died in 2007)
April 16th, 1959 (April 16 1959)BirthScott McKinsey, American television director
April 16th, 1959 (April 16 1959)BirthAlison Ramsay, Scottish field hockey player
April 16th, 1958 (April 16 1958)DeathRosalind Franklin, British chemist (born in 1920)
April 16th, 1956 (April 16 1956)BirthDavid McDowell Brown, American astronaut (died in 2003)
April 16th, 1956 (April 16 1956)BirthLise-Marie Morerod, Swiss skier
April 16th, 1955 (April 16 1955)EventThe Burma-Japanese peace treaty signed in Rangoon on November 5, 1954 comes into force, formally ending the state of war.
April 16th, 1955 (April 16 1955)BirthBruce Bochy, American baseball player and manager
April 16th, 1955 (April 16 1955)BirthHenri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
April 16th, 1954 (April 16 1954)BirthEllen Barkin, American actress
April 16th, 1954 (April 16 1954)BirthJohn Bowe, Australian racing driver
April 16th, 1953 (April 16 1953)EventQueen Elizabeth II launches the Royal Yacht Britannia.
April 16th, 1953 (April 16 1953)BirthPeter Garrett, Australian musician (Midnight Oil)
April 16th, 1953 (April 16 1953)BirthJ. Neil Schulman, American writer
April 16th, 1952 (April 16 1952)BirthBill Belichick, American football coach
April 16th, 1952 (April 16 1952)BirthMichel Blanc, French actor
April 16th, 1952 (April 16 1952)BirthBilly West, American voice actor
April 16th, 1951 (April 16 1951)BirthPierre Toutain-Dorbec, French photographer
April 16th, 1951 (April 16 1951)BirthIoan Mihai Cochinescu, Romanian writer and photographer
April 16th, 1951 (April 16 1951)BirthBjorgvin Halldorsson, Icelandic singer
April 16th, 1951 (April 16 1951)BirthMordechai Ben David, Jewish singer
April 16th, 1950 (April 16 1950)BirthDavid Graf, American actor (died in 2001)
April 16th, 1949 (April 16 1949)BirthMelody Patterson, American actress
April 16th, 1948 (April 16 1948)BirthLynne Franks, British public relations consultant
April 16th, 1947 (April 16 1947)EventTexas City Disaster: An explosion on board a freighter in port causes the city of Texas City, Texas, to catch fire, killing almost 600.
April 16th, 1947 (April 16 1947)EventBernard Baruch coins the term "Cold War" to describe the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union.Bernard Baruch Quotes
April 16th, 1947 (April 16 1947)BirthKareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player
April 16th, 1947 (April 16 1947)BirthGerry Rafferty, British musician and songwriter
April 16th, 1947 (April 16 1947)DeathRudolf Ho?, commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp (born in 1900)
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)EventSyria gains independence.
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)BirthMargot Adler, American journalist
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)DeathArthur Chevrolet, Swiss-born race car driver and automobile designer (born in 1884)
April 16th, 1945 (April 16 1945)EventThe Red Army begins the final assault on German forces around Berlin.
April 16th, 1945 (April 16 1945)EventThe United States Army liberates Nazi Sonderlager (high security) Prisoner of War camp Oflag IV-C (better known as Colditz Castle).
April 16th, 1945 (April 16 1945)EventMore than 7,000 die when the German refugee ship Goya is sunk by a Soviet submarine torpedo.
April 16th, 1945 (April 16 1945)BirthTom Allen, American politician
April 16th, 1943 (April 16 1943)EventDr. Albert Hofmann discovers the psychedelic effects of LSD.
April 16th, 1943 (April 16 1943)BirthRuth Madoc, British actress
April 16th, 1943 (April 16 1943)BirthDave Peverett, English musician (Foghat, Savoy Brown) (died in 2000)
April 16th, 1942 (April 16 1942)BirthSir Frank Williams, English F1 constructor and team principal (WilliamsF1)
April 16th, 1942 (April 16 1942)BirthJim Lonborg, American baseball player
April 16th, 1941 (April 16 1941)EventWorld War II: The Italian convoy Duisburg, directed to Tunisia, is attacked and destroyed by British ships.
April 16th, 1941 (April 16 1941)EventBob Feller of the Cleveland Indians throws the only Opening Day no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, beating the Chicago White Sox 1-0.
April 16th, 1940 (April 16 1940)BirthMargrethe II of Denmark, queen regnant
April 16th, 1940 (April 16 1940)BirthBenoit Bouchard, French-Canadian politician
April 16th, 1939 (April 16 1939)BirthDusty Springfield, English singer (died in 1999)
April 16th, 1939 (April 16 1939)BirthBoris Dvornik, Croatian actor (died in 2008.)
April 16th, 1938 (April 16 1938)BirthGordon Wilson, Scottish politician
April 16th, 1938 (April 16 1938)BirthRich Rollins, American baseballer
April 16th, 1938 (April 16 1938)DeathSteve Bloomer, English footballer (born in 1874)
April 16th, 1935 (April 16 1935)BirthSarah Kirsch, German poet
April 16th, 1935 (April 16 1935)BirthBobby Vinton, American singer
April 16th, 1933 (April 16 1933)BirthJoan Bakewell, British broadcaster
April 16th, 1930 (April 16 1930)BirthHerbie Mann, American jazz flute player (died in 2003)
April 16th, 1930 (April 16 1930)DeathJose Carlos Mariategui, Peruvian journalist, political philosopher and activist (born in 1894) Philo Quotes
April 16th, 1929 (April 16 1929)BirthRoy Hamilton, American singer (died in 1969)
April 16th, 1929 (April 16 1929)BirthEd Townsend, American singer and songwriter (died in 2003)
April 16th, 1928 (April 16 1928)Birth"Night Train" Lane, American football player (died in 2002)
April 16th, 1928 (April 16 1928)DeathHenry Birks, Canadian businessman, founder of Henri Birks and Sons (born in 1840)
April 16th, 1927 (April 16 1927)BirthEdie Adams, American actress
April 16th, 1927 (April 16 1927)BirthPope Benedict XVI
April 16th, 1927 (April 16 1927)BirthPeter Mark Richman, American actor
April 16th, 1925 (April 16 1925)EventDuring the Communist St Nedelya Church assault in Sofia, 150 are killed and 500 are wounded.
April 16th, 1924 (April 16 1924)BirthJohn Harvey-Jones, Industrialist (died in 2008)
April 16th, 1924 (April 16 1924)BirthHenry Mancini, American composer (died in 1994)
April 16th, 1924 (April 16 1924)BirthRudy Pompilli, American musician (Bill Haley & His Comets) (died in 1976)
April 16th, 1922 (April 16 1922)EventThe Treaty of Rapallo, in which Germany and the Soviet Union re-establish diplomatic relations between Berlin and Moscow, is signed.
April 16th, 1922 (April 16 1922)BirthKingsley Amis, English author (died in 1995)
April 16th, 1921 (April 16 1921)BirthPeter Ustinov, English actor (died in 2004)Peter Ustinov Quotes
April 16th, 1919 (April 16 1919)EventMohandas Gandhi organizes a day of "prayer and fasting" in response to the British slaughter of Indian protesters in the Amritsar Massacre.
April 16th, 1919 (April 16 1919)BirthMerce Cunningham, American dancer and choreographer
April 16th, 1919 (April 16 1919)BirthTom Willmore, English geometer (died in 2005)
April 16th, 1918 (April 16 1918)BirthSpike Milligan, Irish comedian (died in 2002)Spike Milligan Quotes
April 16th, 1918 (April 16 1918)BirthJoan Alexander, American actress
April 16th, 1918 (April 16 1918)BirthDick Gibson, British racing driver
April 16th, 1917 (April 16 1917)EventVladimir Lenin returns to Petrograd from exile in Finland.Vladimir Lenin Quotes
April 16th, 1917 (April 16 1917)BirthBarry Nelson, American actor (died in 2007)
April 16th, 1915 (April 16 1915)BirthGerard McLarnon, Irish playwright (died in 1997)
April 16th, 1915 (April 16 1915)DeathNelson W. Aldrich, American politician (born in 1841)
April 16th, 1914 (April 16 1914)DeathGeorge William Hill, American astronomer (born in 1838)
April 16th, 1912 (April 16 1912)EventHarriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly an airplane across the English Channel.
April 16th, 1912 (April 16 1912)BirthGarth Williams, American illustrator (died in 1996)
April 16th, 1912 (April 16 1912)BirthCatherine Scorsese, Italian-American actress (died in 1997)
April 16th, 1907 (April 16 1907)BirthAugust Eigruber, Austrian war criminal (died in 1947)
April 16th, 1907 (April 16 1907)BirthJoseph-Armand Bombardier, French-Canadian inventor and businessman (Bombardier) (died in 1964)
April 16th, 1905 (April 16 1905)BirthFrits Philips, Dutch businessman (died in 2005)
April 16th, 1904 (April 16 1904)BirthFifi D Orsay, Canadian actress (died in 1983)
April 16th, 1904 (April 16 1904)DeathMaximilian Kronberger, German poet (born in 1888)
April 16th, 1904 (April 16 1904)DeathSamuel Smiles, Scottish writer and reformer (born in 1812)Samuel Smiles Quotes
April 16th, 1899 (April 16 1899)BirthOsman Achmatowicz, Polish chemist (died in 1988)
April 16th, 1899 (April 16 1899)DeathEmilio Jacinto, Filipino poet and revolutionary (b 1875)
April 16th, 1896 (April 16 1896)BirthTristan Tzara, Romanian poet and essayist (died in 1963)Tristan Tzara Quotes
April 16th, 1895 (April 16 1895)BirthRobert Dean Frisbie, American writer (died in 1948)
April 16th, 1889 (April 16 1889)BirthCharlie Chaplin, English actor, writer, and film producer (died in 1977)Charlie Chaplin Quotes
April 16th, 1888 (April 16 1888)DeathZygmunt Florenty Wroblewski, Polish physicist (born in 1845)
April 16th, 1886 (April 16 1886)BirthErnst Thalmann, German politician (died in 1944)
April 16th, 1881 (April 16 1881)EventIn Dodge City, Kansas, Bat Masterson fights his last gun battle.
April 16th, 1879 (April 16 1879)DeathBernadette Soubirous, French shepherd girl (born in 1844)
April 16th, 1878 (April 16 1878)BirthTip Foster, English cricketer (died in 1914)
April 16th, 1871 (April 16 1871)BirthJohn Millington Synge, Irish writer (died in 1909)John Millington Synge Quotes
April 16th, 1867 (April 16 1867)BirthWilbur Wright, American aviation pioneer (died in 1912)Wilbur Wright Quotes
April 16th, 1866 (April 16 1866)BirthJose de Diego, Puerto Rico statesman and journalist (died in 1918)
April 16th, 1865 (April 16 1865)BirthHenry George Chauvel, Australian general (died in 1945)
April 16th, 1863 (April 16 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: The Siege of Vicksburg - ships led by Union Admiral David Dixon Porter move through heavy Confederate artillery fire on approach to Vicksburg, Mississippi.
April 16th, 1862 (April 16 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle at Lee s Mills in Virginia.
April 16th, 1862 (April 16 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: A bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia becomes law.
April 16th, 1859 (April 16 1859)BirthWinifred Cochrane, Countess of Dundonald, philanthropist (died in 1924)
April 16th, 1859 (April 16 1859)DeathAlexis de Tocqueville, French historian (born in 1805)Alexis de Tocqueville Quotes
April 16th, 1858 (April 16 1858)EventThe Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, is wound up.
April 16th, 1853 (April 16 1853)EventThe first passenger rail opens in India, from Bori Bunder, Bombay to Thane.
April 16th, 1850 (April 16 1850)DeathMarie Tussaud, founder of the Madame Tussauds wax museum (born in 1761)
April 16th, 1848 (April 16 1848)BirthKandukuri Veeresalingam, Social Reformer of Andhra Pradesh, India (died in 1919)
April 16th, 1847 (April 16 1847)BirthHans Auer, Swiss architect, (died in 1906)
April 16th, 1846 (April 16 1846)DeathDomenico Dragonetti, Italian composer (born in 1763)
April 16th, 1844 (April 16 1844)BirthAnatole France, French writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1924)Anatole France Quotes
April 16th, 1828 (April 16 1828)DeathFrancisco de Goya, Spanish painter (born in 1746)Francisco Goya Quotes
April 16th, 1827 (April 16 1827)BirthOctave Cremazie, French Canadian poet (died in 1879)
April 16th, 1823 (April 16 1823)BirthFerdinand Eisenstein, German mathematician (died in 1852)Ferdinand Eisenstein Quotes
April 16th, 1821 (April 16 1821)BirthFord Madox Brown, English painter (died in 1893)Ford Madox Ford Quotes
April 16th, 1800 (April 16 1800)BirthGeorge Bingham, 3rd Earl of Lucan, British soldier (died in 1888)
April 16th, 1799 (April 16 1799)EventNapoleonic Wars: The Battle of Mount Tabor - Napoleon drives Ottoman Turks across the River Jordan near Acre.
April 16th, 1788 (April 16 1788)DeathGeorges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, French naturalist (born in 1707)
April 16th, 1783 (April 16 1783)DeathChristian Mayer, Czech astronomer (born in 1719)
April 16th, 1780 (April 16 1780)EventThe University of Munster in Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is founded.
April 16th, 1755 (April 16 1755)BirthElisabeth-Louise Vigee Le Brun, French painter (died in 1842)
April 16th, 1746 (April 16 1746)EventThe Battle of Culloden takes place.
April 16th, 1738 (April 16 1738)BirthHenry Clinton, British general (died in 1795)
April 16th, 1728 (April 16 1728)BirthJoseph Black, Scottish chemist (died in 1799)
April 16th, 1693 (April 16 1693)BirthAnne Sophie Reventlow, queen of Denmark and Norway (died in 1743)
April 16th, 1689 (April 16 1689)DeathAphra Behn, English dramatist (born in 1640)Aphra Behn Quotes
April 16th, 1687 (April 16 1687)DeathGeorge Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, English statesman (born in 1628)
April 16th, 1682 (April 16 1682)BirthJohn Hadley, British inventor (died in 1744)
April 16th, 1661 (April 16 1661)BirthCharles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax, British poet and statesman (died in 1715)
April 16th, 1660 (April 16 1660)BirthHans Sloane, British collector and physician (died in 1753)
April 16th, 1646 (April 16 1646)BirthJules Hardouin Mansart, French architect (died in 1708)
April 16th, 1645 (April 16 1645)DeathTobias Hume, English composer
April 16th, 1582 (April 16 1582)EventSpanish conquistador Hernando de Lerma founds the settlement of Salta, Argentina.
April 16th, 1521 (April 16 1521)EventMartin Luther s first appearance before the Diet of Worms to be examined by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the other estates of the empire.Martin Luther Quotes
April 16th, 1495 (April 16 1495)BirthPetrus Apianus, German mathematician (died in 1557)
April 16th, 1395 (April 16 1395)EventAzzo X d Este is defeated at the Battle of Portomaggiore by Venetian-Ferrarese troops.
April 16th, 1346 (April 16 1346)EventThe Serbian Empire is proclaimed in Skopje by Dusan Silni, occupying much of the Balkans.
April 16th, 1319 (April 16 1319)BirthKing John II of France (died in 1364)
April 16th, 1198 (April 16 1198)DeathDuke Frederick I of Austria
April 16th, 1178 (April 16 1178)EventA solar eclipse may have marked the return of Odysseus, legendary King of Ithaca, to his kingdom after the Trojan War.
April 16th, 1118 (April 16 1118)DeathAdelaide del Vasto, wife of Roger II of Sicily
April 16th, 1113 (April 16 1113)DeathSviatopolk II of Kiev, Russian prince (born in 1050)
April 16th, 1071 (April 16 1071)EventBari falls to Robert Guiscard, ending Byzantine rule in Italy.
April 16th, 0924 (April 16 0924)DeathBerengar of Friuli, King of Italy
April 16th, 0778 (April 16 0778)BirthKing Louis the Pious (died in 840)
April 16th, 0744 (April 16 0744)Deathal-Walid II, Umayyad caliph

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