April 16 2006

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April 16th, 2006 (April 16 2006)DeathFrancisco Adam, Portuguese actor and model (born in 1983)
April 16th, 1996 (April 16 1996)DeathStavros Niarchos, Greek shipping tycoon (born in 1909)
April 16th, 1986 (April 16 1986)BirthPaul di Resta, British racing driver
April 16th, 1986 (April 16 1986)BirthNeil Haskell, Finalist of SYTYCD Season 3
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthLukas Haas, American actor
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthDan Kellner, American fencer
April 16th, 1976 (April 16 1976)BirthShu Qi, Taiwanese actress
April 16th, 1956 (April 16 1956)BirthDavid McDowell Brown, American astronaut (died in 2003)
April 16th, 1956 (April 16 1956)BirthLise-Marie Morerod, Swiss skier
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)EventSyria gains independence.
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)BirthMargot Adler, American journalist
April 16th, 1946 (April 16 1946)DeathArthur Chevrolet, Swiss-born race car driver and automobile designer (born in 1884)
April 16th, 1896 (April 16 1896)BirthTristan Tzara, Romanian poet and essayist (died in 1963)Tristan Tzara Quotes
April 16th, 1886 (April 16 1886)BirthErnst Thalmann, German politician (died in 1944)
April 16th, 1866 (April 16 1866)BirthJose de Diego, Puerto Rico statesman and journalist (died in 1918)
April 16th, 1846 (April 16 1846)DeathDomenico Dragonetti, Italian composer (born in 1763)
April 16th, 1746 (April 16 1746)EventThe Battle of Culloden takes place.
April 16th, 1646 (April 16 1646)BirthJules Hardouin Mansart, French architect (died in 1708)
April 16th, 1346 (April 16 1346)EventThe Serbian Empire is proclaimed in Skopje by Dusan Silni, occupying much of the Balkans.

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